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Gallien-Krueger MB110 Demo by Norm Stockton

Norm Stockton Demo's Gallien-Krueger's MB110

Learn more about GK products here:

Check out more of Norm's work here:
Bob T : Had a GK 250ML back in the mid 80's.  Wild, 50 watts per channel stereo, Pyle speakers, and Tiny as all get out.  Quality product.  Looking a bass amps, your vid was very helpful even 2 yrs later! Thanks
Hodari Daniels : Nice clean sounding amp, I hope to have one in my collection
Hodari Daniels : Hopefully to have one in my collection soon, Gallien Krueger amps all has nice clean pure tone, the tonality of the amp is amazing.
Brian Cee : I've played for over 30 years but never was much of a techhead when it came to gear. Thank you Norm for "dumbing" down the bells and whistles on this combo so a moron like me can understand it better. Am definitely interested in picking this up.
Oscar Estrada : I bought my stack in 2008 amp is a blacklight 600 2x10 and 1x15 and is still hitting hard, loud, and clear...

Gallien Krueger MB-110

A quick review of the Gallien Krueger MB-110 combo amp. This provides 100W through a 10" speaker and has the facility to be expanded with GK's self powered MBP speakers or indeed any other powered speaker.

For more info:

Manual available here:
darkfloyd1971 : Thank you for your review.

Gallien-Krueger MB 110 Sound at Bedroom Level

Pure sound of the Gallien Krueger GK MB 110 at bedroom level. Gain at 9 o clock, what is a nice volume for practice or studio work.

All EQ flat, no signal processing at the DAW, bass guitars all pots open


Fender Jazz Bass Player Series - Funky Soul Groove (2 min / no talking)
Strings: Rotosound RS 66LDN

Fender Precision Bass Vintera 50
Strings: La Bella 760FS flatwounds

Sire Marcus Miller P7 fretless (passiv mode)
Strings: D’addario flatwounds

Mic: Tannoy TM-1

Interface: Focusrite Clarett 2Pre USB (Air mode off)

Backing Track: Coffee Break Grooves
marg0049 : I have this amp as well, and it really sounds great with flats.
Gallien Krueger : This sounds great!
Emilio Jennette : What’s the link to that backing track? It sounds so good!
Sanson101 : wow!.....all flat settings besides gain at 9 ??......beautiful!




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