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FL Studio 21 Is WAY More Powerful Than Most People Think

FL, I just can't quit u.
My ACLU affiliate link coming soon (v21 is not out yet) but FL Studio is currently deeply discounted this weekend.

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0:00 - Shhhh
1:34 - Piano Roll
5:03 - Anything Controls Everything
7:10 - Engineering without plugins
10:33 - Completeness
13:02 - What's new in V21
Delancey Throne : Patcher is incredible but still seems to be so overlooked. I would absolutely LOVE a video around Patcher from you.
Caxt Nova : Hey Benn, can we get this as a 12 volume audiobook series? I use FL Studio and I'm not taking advantage of pretty much anything you've described in this video. These are exactly the kinds of tips I need to help transition from someone who can make music into someone who does make music.

Now excuse me while I put this video on loop while I sleep to hypnotize myself into being a better FL user.
Hericium Coralloides : Basically a lifelong FL user here. In since ver 3. Contrary to what most people think, and quite ironically, FL's "problem" is not that it's too limitied, but rather how unlimited it is. You really have to work to develop your work flow because FL will certainly not.
DarkSideRahb : FL Studio has always been a curiosity for me. I'm a Live user and a Reason user before that. I also mix in ProTools. But FL Studio...it doesn't get the love it deserves unless you KNOW how damn good it is. If there had been a Mac version years ago, I probably would have picked it over Live. Ableton hasn't done much to Live since V11, while Image Line just constantly innovates, improves, updates, and adds new stuff. Now that there is a Mac versions, I should check it out next year. At least try to make one track in it, just to see how I like it compared to Live.
Hansy Pants : Damn. FL studio has all of the sequencing quality of life and creativity features that I wish Ableton had. Looks way more intuitive for someone like me.

Elgit Doda - FL (Fatal Love)

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Ana : Kam vite e vite qe adhuroj cdo keng e tekst tendin dhe jam teper e lumtur qe me ne fund po arrin aty ku meriton ❤
FR : Jom shume i lumtur qe Elgiti osht tu e marr famen edhe vemendjen qe gjithmone e ka meritu!
Alma Pour : Always fan of albanian music❤️ from iran-Azerbaijan ❤️❤️❤️
Marsida marsi : Besoj se ky ka qen viti me i sukseshem ne muzik i ELGIDIT DODA

Watch Live: Face Eater Trial — FL v. Austin Harrouff — Judge Accepted Insanity Plea

A judge accepted a “face biter” murder defendant’s insanity plea the morning his bench trial was scheduled to start.

Austin Harrouff, 25, had decided to face the judge, not a jury, for killing couple John Stevens III, 59, and Michelle Mishcon, 53, in a grisly beating and stabbing double homicide. Authorities said Harrouff also stabbed the couple’s neighbor Jeffrey Fisher, who attempted to intervene.

As he pleaded not guilty by reason of insanity, the question was whether he was mentally culpable for the slayings. The judge decided that Harrouff was insane at the time.

Both sides of the case fought a tug of war during the pre-trial period over his mental state during the 2016 incident.

Authorities said that Harrouff attacked Stevens and Mischon at the couple’s home in Martin County. Investigators claimed to find him biting Stevens’ face. Dr. Phillip Resnick, an expert for the defense, determined in 2019 that Harrouff was “actively psychotic,” because he kept on doing that even when cops ordered him to stop, tased him, and kicked him multiple times in the head. Resnick determined that the defendant suffered from “clinical lycanthropy,” expressed a close connection to canines, and believed himself to be half-man, half-dog.

Even Dr. Gregory C. Landrum, an expert for the state, said Harrouff appeared legally insane.

“Forensically, given the above findings, absent evidence of drug usage at the time of the incident, and observations made by first responding law-enforcement officers, it is reasonable to conclude that Mr. Harrouff was experiencing a decompensated mental state associated with an emerging mood and/or thought disorder resulting in an acute psychotic episode,” he wrote in 2020. “As a result of this condition, it is opined that Mr. Harrouff was unable to distinguish right from wrong.”

Michelle Mishcon’s sister Cindy Mishcon disparaged the defense’s attempt to get a 2016 Florida law on the insanity defense declared unconstitutional.

“He’s guilty as sin,” she told WPTV in 2019. “He’s looking for sympathy. It’s a Hail Mary.”
#FaceEaterTrial #AustinHarrouff #lawandcrime

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Yoder : I can't believe what his parents were saying in those calls... absolutely disgusting. This should have gone to trial. He's a murderer. He wasn't insane.
Curious Irish Angel : I am so grateful that the sister read out those texts ....
As well as speaking out on jailhouse calls, the attitude of the parents and other information we did not have.
Let's us know money talks, B S walks...
Extremely heartbreaking..
The suspect did an interview with Dr. Phil awhile ago when this first happened and his dad was originally on the fence about it. Then with a quickness tried to have it "not air" completely freaking out as it wasn't "advisable" because the case hadn't begun yet and could be used as evidence..
IMHO his defense of insanity, that has been accepted by the judge is one of the worst injustices I've seen .....
My heart and prayers go out to the victims loved ones....
Sonja Davis : OMG, the sisters....I feel so bad for them and their families, but I'm so glad they came TOTALLY prepared to call out the murderer, the murderer's family and the entire justice system. They spared no one and as well they shouldn't have. My heart and prayers go out to them.
Sarah N. Geti : I thought being on drugs doesn't qualify for insanity?? You want this guy on the streets in ten years?? Where is the JUSTICE???
Bill _ : This is such an injustice. If he were really crazy he would stay in treatment for the rest of his life. But he isn't crazy- he was on drugs. So, once he isn't on drugs, he will be 'better.' What a farce. The family waited over five years for this nonsense. The prosecutors just gave up and didn't even try.

I am disgusted.




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