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2022 Mercedes-Benz C200 [AMG pack] MHEV 204HP - POV Test Drive - LT car of the Year 2022 WINNER!

Hi, everyone! This is «Auto POV Drive».
Our channel is about POV driving, car driving from first person perspective. Such point of view test drives are called POV test drive or POV road test. For an even more immersive experience (Binaural), be sure to put on your headphones.

In this video you'll see New Mercedes Benz C200 4matic [AMG pack] POV Test Drive! You will be able to check Mercedes Benz C200 driver visibility and feel how city, highway and bumpy roads driving with Mercedes Benz C200 goes. Also we have checked the fuel consumption during the test drive.
We hope our GoPRO POV Mercedes Benz C200 video will give you more driving experience about this model as well as more information about Mercedes Benz C200 AMG pack Interior – exterior, front and back seats.

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Model: Mercedes Benz C200
Version: AMG pack / 4matic
Manufacture year: 2021
Engine: 1.5l Petrol MHEV 204HP / 150kW
Transmission: Automatic

0:00 Intro [Interior \u0026 Exterior]
1:06 Walkaround
1:33 Driving
3:53 Acceleration / engine sound
4:08 Driving
5:01 Dashboard graphics
6:23 Driving in town
8:44 Front camera support for traffic lights
9:29 Driving in old town
10:06 Old town bumpy road
11:13 Riverside / casual driving
13:07 Casual driving
13:50 Windows
14:11 Casual driving
15:02 Ambient lights / tunnel
15:46 Reverse camera quality
16:31 Fuel consumption

Thanks for watching!

hansy555 : first mercedes interior i like after a long time
David Casas : This is a good car and the best way to enjoy of it is seeing your videos. Great job my friend!!!
Mezzanine Culture : Привет! Как всегда, лайк, классные видео! Будут ли ещё видео с подержаными автомобилями?
Vlad Mihai : isn't the engine noise a bit too much in the cabin? at 3000rpm you can very clearly hear it.
the suspensions looks a bit bumpy. and that indicator stalk noise is just....economy cars level.
DGO Kmph : Your video was great.
I made a video like this. We learn a lot from you too.
Thank you very much.

Mercedes-Benz C200 W205 - POV TOP SPEED Drive on AUTOBAHN

Mercedes-Benz C 200 - POV Top Speed Drive on German AUTOBAHN (no speed limit)

Thanks for watching! :)
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instagram: dryps_limitless

Do not attempt! This part of the german Autobahn has no speed limit. The speed test is performed by an experienced driver.
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Instagram: dryps_limitless

Nicht nachmachen! Dieser Teil der deutschen Autobahn hat keine Geschwindigkeitsbegrenzung. Dieser Speedtest wurde von einem erfahrenen Fahrer durchgeführt.
ROSS : Loved the quality of this test drive.
Its very likely that I will soon buy the c250
Aimen Lazaar : I have a question, how do I put the car in manual mode? So I can use the paddles to shift gears
Toni Georg : This engine doesn't look enough powerful
D. V. : Das Auto hat auf jeden Fall Drip
Fortune Quinton : subscribed, Great content.

The sweet spot of the C-Class range (Mercedes-Benz C200 2022 review)

Base model is best when it comes to the 2022 C-Class. You actually don’t want the bigger engine of the C300, and you don’t need adaptive dampers. Surprisingly, the entry-level passive dampers are BETTER, riding more smoothly on Australian roads because their ‘in between’ setting is ideal. But this is still a rather expensive car. Is the 1.5-litre turbo C200 worth the cash, or should you consider the marginally more expensive BMW 330i, or how about the Audi A4?

In today’s episode of Chasing Cars, deputy editor Nathan Ponchard conducts an in-depth review of the 2022 Mercedes-Benz C200 sedan.

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Chasing Cars : Tom’s C300 review:

stern who : $90k for entry level Benz is ridiculous
BrettMcS : I was walking along, approaching a pedestrian crossing where a beautiful E-class saloon had stopped. I was thinking "that's a classy piece of work" until it accelerated away: It sounded like it had a sowing machine for an engine.
Analyse This : Fantastic review, Nathan. Beautiful exterior and interior and the designers have done a splendid job.However, its a Mercedes-Benz and I have my reservations regarding any product launched by this company. Question is 'How reliable and safe this car is ?". Perhaps, Mercedes-Benz should come out with a 10 year unlimited KM warranty or capped fixed price servicing over 7 years to back their product. Eye appeal is the best appeal and this company does a good job of it. Well not really in my opinion. For buyers who want to drive a luxury car as a daily commute and who are spending over $90k for a car, one is better off driving a Lexus or Genesis as a daily commute rather thana Merc, sitting pretty in a garage. MERCEDES-BENZ needs to learn a thing or two from Lexus, if they are really serious about improving their brand image as a reliable car with excellent after sales customer care.
M P : Great informative review and content. MB looks to have created another winner.




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