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LUDWIG LM402 Supraphonic DEMO

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Norton Newmann : I Played one of those in symphony band and orchestra in high school in early 1970s. It had a really wide band of "super sensitive" adjustable snares. You could adjust each snare individually with tiny screws, then overall adjustment was made with a thumbwheel. Adjusted properly, even the slightest tap would make the snares buzz. I swear a dancing mosquito could do an audible 4-stroke roll! Also, you didn't get the annoying "interference buzzing" caused by certain low frequency tones from nearby band instruments.
It's almost like cheating when playing ghost notes!
Nathan : Your buzz control is insane every time man it's mind blowing
Roy Beckerman : No wonder the Supras are famous, with a sound like that, especially on high tuning.
JakePeppercorn : Tight tuningが、かなり良いですね。曲が締まると思います。
Joe and Mary Claire McNair : Those HATS, THO!
Drum Gym by Jonas Arcipe Drum Tutorial : Everything is so clean and smooth! The playing, the drums sound! I keep on droooling on this.
Connor Clarke : Wanton
Drums and more : I wonder if he buys Promark drumsticks so he knows where the room shots are...lol
Agus Menna : Someone knows what patch he uses on the hype
Lying to the Moon : Those black dots sound AMAZING! Love the snare and btw NICE playing!

Ludwig Supra-Phonic LM402, Aluminium-Kessel

James Hershey Sr : Just purchased one the other day........can't wait to get it.
Ronald Zeoli : I have had both the 5 and 6.5 and I loved them both. Keep the 6.5x14
secret journey : is $375 a good deal for this drum used? (1988 excellent condition)

LM402 6.5"x14" Supraphonic Snare Drum

Ludwig Artist Jason Sutter shows why the Supraphonic is the favorite of more drummers than any other snare.

Try one for yourself at your local Ludwig Dealer!

For more info, visit http://Ludwig-Drums.com/

Be a Legend. Join the Family
bon viesta : in my time of dying?
user : their classic maple is better
Tyler Bailey : Want
Bartolomeo Ivone : Hi, this one or the Acrophonic 14x6,5 for grunge music? Which one do you suggest?
Larry Swain : Cant fuckin wait to get one
Jojo V. Jordet : Only drummers know what you're talking about when saying 402:)
drumsanddrumming : What head is that? Emperor?
Roy Beckerman : Both vintage or new, these are fabulous snares.
If you only ever get one snare...get this, or bronze, my favourite.
Jusayin : This snare drum rose to 'studio' fame for it's dry and crisp sound. Easily controlled, for the sound engineers, and also for live situations. By default, it became the most recorded snare drum.
Most of us have wanted, played or owned one through our journey.
Subparanon : Nice ghost notes. No moongel, this guy knows what to do with the 402.




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