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BOSCH P-Pump Operation

BOSCH P-Pump Operation
amir khan engineer : Vvv nice wark
J. M. : Anyone know what the "P" stands for. I'm thinking piston or something thereabouts but would like to know for sure even if it's in German
J. M. : Love these type of videos very useful and informative. Only wish that they would remake them with more modern animations to make it easier to visualize the concepts. I understand this means that it would take .
Alex Landman : Thanx, very useful
Zilla-man : I'll be here from deboss garage
Peter Samodhar : Way of teaching is very good god bless you. love from India
Rolando Vasquez : Why cant bosch continue making pumps like this instead of the junk ass cp4 pumps
AMERCAN TRUCK : Where can you get a v8 pump
Skyline Fever : These Bosch injection pump videos help me out alot. Thanks!
swisherboi : Thank you for posting this!I love learning about these injection pumps.

How to destroy a Bosch P7100 injection pump; an exercise of my poor luck.

I'm almost ready to give up. This stuff is just really depressing.

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john dowe : cannibalize that shitcan dodge and get your truck going, gives you a chance to enjoy your truck while you look for parts
andycflbulb : Shit happens. There are so many times where I've considered just cutting mine up for the axles. Don't get discouraged, take a step back and focus on other projects for a bit if you need. Mine has been a year long project as of next month, and isn't even running yet and hasn't moved from the spot where it sat when I bought it. When you do eventually get her back together, are you planning for her to be your daily driver again?
M Moore : Not sure which state you’re in but my go-to shop is PDI, Portland Diesel Injection in Oregon. Helpful guys for parts, rebuilds or info. Good luck.
Parker Livingston : I see lots of tools being thrown when you found this. Shitty lucky sorry to see this happen to you. You've been a big inspiration to me and working on my deuce.
Tony Vickers : Where did you get your throttle bracket and cables? Or did you make them your self?
Terry R/L/M/G : Feel bad for you. Hang in there. Going through the same thing. It's just a little different. And it does get frustrating.
Maker-Wright : Dang buddy... sorry that happened to you Garrett.
MrFoolishfun : Jeezus I feel your pain. You need to take snakebit as your call sign.
Tyler Mayfield : Keep your head up man. Step back and take a few breaths and you will have it done in no time. Just keep making forward progress on other parts of the truck while you are looking for the pump. Don't let one or 2 things stop you from buttoning up the other loose ends.
Mainely Overland : Stick with it! You are doing great! Every time I turn around my Deuce needs more and more parts and work. I can’t help but concentrating on how much more their is to go.... much harder to see how far you have come...

MythBusting with CumminsWorks - P7100 Governor

Sorry about the wind guys.

This video was made out of desperation, as I've talked to many people who were stuck on the thought processes that the governor only came into effect above 2500 RPM when it defuels. And I was unsuccessful at explaining the system and how it works.

If you are still one of these people after having watched this video, I apologizes for not having been clearer, and I would enjoy to hear your reasoning behind your belief!
Custom_Diesel_Gas : You have two different systems going buddy that there p pump does not run off centrifugal force it works such as similar as the ve pump which uses spring tension twards the throttle that determines when it gives is when it stops feuling that and you have gas which uses its throttle operation with air allowance through the butterfly the diesel uses its own feul allowence as rpm
Justin Pugh : Just letting you know you are right all the way up tell you talked about the 12 valve. None of that is right buddy. Very good job on the mower you rocked that
Ram_Diesel_Power : Good video. I like the high performance Pringles can.
Max Carson : Background music is distracting, great video
Duane Cook : Gasoline engine you control engine rpm by controlling air flow, diesel you control rpm by controlling fuel flow
dodgekindaguy : that's not how the governor works on a 12v but ok lol
Alan : You should be a teacher. Because you actual EXPLAIN with simpler real world examples making it easier to understand.




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